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Agile and Lean in Construction

Author: Dr. Adrian Smith, Ennova

Large scale construction projects suffer from cost and time overruns that are typically a symptom of productivity problems and directly affect overall industry profitability. As a result, methodologies have been developed to reduce the risk of overruns and improve project outcomes.

A number of these methods are based upon Lean principles that focus on identifying value, eliminating waste and creating a smooth flow of materials, information and work.

Construction Productivity:
Studies [1] suggest that between 70% and 90% of projects exceed the original planned cost and that the overrun commonly varies between 50% and 100% of budget. Some well known examples of significant project overruns include:

  • Sydney Opera House – Final cost was 15 times more than originally planned
  • Channel Tunnel – Final cost was 80% more than originally planned
  • Boston Arterial Tunnel – Final cost was 196% more than originally planned

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The path to Agile

Author: Susan Akers

 Two of the most common questions I get asked as the Agile Academy Advisor are:

“How can I start my Agile journey? 

What type of training can I get?” 

 So I thought perhaps it was about time that I put something together in one spot to make it easy for people to see a clear path ahead of them and feel confident in moving to an Agile way of working.  One way to see what training might be useful is to have a look at our role based Training Roadmap and then read the course overview to make sure that you have the necessary pre-requisites.  The roadmap shows the recommended courses and pathway.

The Agile Academy has also produced a number of artefacts to complement our training courses and give budding Agilists an opportunity to have open access to easy to understand material.  These include our Agile in Practice Help Sheets which cover a number of Agile practices and techniques.  Most of these also have a complementary video which explains more about how each of these techniques can be used. 

All the very best on your Agile journey.  Don’t be discouraged if your path becomes a little windy, there are many resources to guide you and if you have any questions at all around Agile or training please feel free to contact us directly.

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Be Lean by keeping words to a minimum!

Author: Susan Akers

Imagine if we limited speakers to 20 seconds per Powerpoint slide for a total of 20 slides – yes – a total of 6 minutes and 42 seconds.
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