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Agile Australia through the looking glass

Authors: Robert McDonald, Belinda Lawrence and Wayne Allan

Some views and take aways from the recent 2011 Agile Australia conference.  This is what three people saw and heard.

Robert McDonald, Operational Reporting Analyst

“If there is word to describe what happened in the Agile Australia conference of 2011, it was ‘vibe’.
Being part of such a collection of ‘Can Do’, challenging, active and clever people, all intent on making the world a better place was fun. Some had the longer scaled up version which looked towards a bright future, while others shared their ‘tactical’ excellence.
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The story of Agile for Young IT

Author: Romeo Sison

The ACS event recently presented by Jason Catania on the story of Agile within Suncorp, why it has made them a serious market competitor and an ‘in-demand’ employer, was a terrific success and I personally had a great time networking and getting to know the next generation. I have to say that there was a good turnout from both Suncorp and fellow ICT professionals and am positive that those new to Agile would have found the session interesting and informative.

Jason should be commended for doing a great job representing Suncorp. He gave an high level and passionate overview of most Agile processes and techniques and kept the audience engaged by providing his own personal experiences applying Agile along with a healthy mix of interesting yet relatable slides (MoSCoW is not just a city!). You can see Jason’s presentation slides here.

It should also be noted that both David Berry and Murray Grange did a great job supporting Jason, helping to answer questions and sharing their Agile experiences from a graduate’s perspective. It was no surprise that graduates targeted them with questions and judging by their responses it was obvious that they have enjoyed their Agile journey at Suncorp.

Finally, I would recommend people attend these events, particularly to meet ICT professional peers, find out what they’re doing and hopefully gain a better picture of what’s going on in the industry.

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