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Be Lean by keeping words to a minimum!

on April 18, 2011

Author: Susan Akers

Imagine if we limited speakers to 20 seconds per Powerpoint slide for a total of 20 slides – yes – a total of 6 minutes and 42 seconds.

I first saw this method in action a few weeks ago where an Agile coach (Rixt Wiersma from Thoughtworks) gave a presentation on Agile PMOs using Pecha Kucha as her method. Rixt said “The trick is of course that you have to know your material and to have practiced it so it moves smoothly through the automated pack.  That way  it doesn’t sound like you are rushing but keeping to a steady tempo. That is exactly how it felt tome.  In fact, I found that I picked up a lot of information which generated questions and left me wanting more!

Agile Scout, (Peter Saddington) has also put two versions of a Pecha-Kucha Presentation: “A way for your team to grow and self-educate! ” together for his submissions for Agile 2011 and Product Camp 2011 speaker decks.  There are some nice slides on how Agile, Lean and Kanban and Pecha Kucha can work together so I’d highly recomment that you have a look.

Bring on the future I say!  This should be the model for all PowerPoint presentations and it is one of the many different methods we are going to try to encourage our speakers to use in our forthcoming Meetup program.  It certainly keeps you engaged and the message on topic!

About the author: Susan is the Advisor to the Agile Academy which provides open source content to the wider Agile community including it’s Agile in Practice Help sheets and videos as well as providing structured holistic Agile training.


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