The Agile Tribe

Becoming Agile

on December 19, 2010

Author: Craig Smith

After a recent talk I gave about Being a Business Analyst in an Agile world, I was asked for some resources that might also help a Project Manager move into the world of Agile. The difficult thing I find that project managers deal with on Agile teams is the need to let go of work at the task level, and the need to move to more of a leader role and what I call a “traffic cop” that protects the team.

The PM is outside the core team, dealing with stakeholders, budgets, resourcing and all of the big issues whilst protecting the team so they can get on and deliver software. Hence the reason I recommend that a PM is not the iteration now.

For Leadership and Project Management:

And then there are many new leadership techniques which fit hand in hand with Agile (moving from management to leadership) as well as many good books, but a couple to get you started:

Some great books:

Here is a list that was put together earlier in the year of the Top 100 Agile books, and I would agree with most of the titles on this list, so it might be worth a browse as well.

Agile Training:

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention the Agile Academy, they have a two day Project Management course that was developed originally based on work carried out in Suncorp.

Craig is an Agile coach and has spoken at various conferences about Agile and related topics including Agile 2010, Agile Australia 2010 and the Atlassian Summit. He openly shares his knowledge and experiences through slideshare and his blog.


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