The Agile Tribe

When does cutting the fat go beyond Lean?

on December 6, 2010

Author: Susan Akers

I have been working on our continous improvement program lately as I think trying to make your processes more Lean is a great idea and that just because they are working it doesn’t mean that circumstances haven’t changed so they could be made better. But this thought also struck me – Can you go too far when trying to make your processes or projects Lean?

Reviewing a printing and data storage process recently to ensure that we had only one centre of truth and to also remove a blocker, we were able to cut 5 steps immediately from the process reducing our risk dramatically.

However, with the feeling of joy that followed it was very tempting to keep doing. Luckily common sense prevailed.

I just wondered if other people had seen this happen where people have jumped on the Lean bandwagon and gone too far?


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