The Agile Tribe

The Games Agilists Play

on November 15, 2010

Author: Susan Akers

Games are always a terrific way to get people relaxed and willing to learn. All you need to do to see this is just to step into any room at a lunch break at a conference with a group of Agilists!

Mary Gorman, the author of Playing at Work: Games that deliver value on says “You can learn from games, use them to instigate change, innovate, and make product decisions.” She goes on to suggest a range of games, how to play them and what value agile teams can get out of them.

Really it is all about having fun and letting your inner child run free in its creativity.

Mary also has a link to her excellent blog on Being Agile when Designing and Playing Agile Games where she actually links the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles of Agile to designing an Agile game.

So get playing!


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