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Watch out! It's the Agile Presenters Club.

on July 6, 2010

Author: Heather Dickinson

Although standups are a basic practice along the Agile journey, as we all know public speaking, no matter how safe the environment, can be stressful, so our current and past Agile Graduates (or Gradgiles) are seizing the opportunity to develop their presentation skills, essential to their growth and development in the business world. They are doing this through participation in a modern, self driven program developed by our company. As a large financial organisation whose way of working is all about being “Agile”, we certainly try to live up to the Agile mantra of “people over processes”.

Through a supportive and dare I say, “fun” environment, the Gradgiles are working together to chair, present and reflect on each other’s presentations in a safe and supportive environment.

So, how does it work? A Club meeting is a “hands on” learning experience. Clubs meet once a month with the average meeting lasting about an hour. Each Club operates under their own social contract and each meeting has set roles that assist the Club in being self-sufficient. Roles include the Chair, the Time Boxer, the Reflector, the Word Master and the Scrum Master.

Club members use the organisation’s Yammer Presenters Club Group to collaborate and share common knowledge amongst the members in-between meetings. I believe this is (and has been) a great learning experience for eager minds who are hungry to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

It has been a pleasure to be involved and I would certainly encourage other organisations to also trial a self-driven program if you’re fortunate to have such a motivated group of employees in your company and also have the support of your management for such an initiative!


4 responses to “Watch out! It's the Agile Presenters Club.

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  2. Karen says:

    Interesting idea Heather. Couple of questions if I may – this 1 hour session is it inside or outside of work hours and do you use Yammer as well for the meetings schedule so people know when it’s on? As this is something that would be good for our graduates as well I wondered how you touch base with them all and any new ones coming on board about the Presenter’s Club – is it part of their induction? Thanks.

  3. Heather says:

    Hi Karen
    The session is inside of work hours. The program is now run by the Graduates themselves. I have one more session where I will be involved then they become self sufficient. They have Outlook to schedule the meeting but use Yammer to discuss topics/logistics amongst each other. In terms of keeping in touch – there is a HR Graduate co-ordinator that stays in touch with the group (amongst others I believe). The program incorporates the current graduates and the new intake (post Christmas I believe) will start a new group based on the feedback from this pilot.

    Hope this answers your questions :>)

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