The Agile Tribe

Agilists – Keep fighting the good fight!

on June 24, 2010

Author: Fiona Mullen

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Canberra with Sharon Robson from Software Education. The purpose of the visit was to familiarise Canberra IT professionals with what Agile is, how we managed the transformational change in Suncorp along with how the Agile Academy can support them on their Agile journey via training, opening sharing information to the wider Agile community through social media and events.

Personally I found the trip invaluable and I was overwhelmed by the engagement of those who attended across many industries. There was definitely a commitment in the room that Agile was useful but what most struggled with was how to get leadership buy-in.

A lot of these folk were doing Agile in some shape or form in their silos but were really struggling to make traction across their portfolios as Agile was not front of mind with the decision makers.

What I stressed when I talked to people, was that going Agile is a transformational journey and there needs to a structured approach for tackling this along with finding opportunities to influence decision makers on the value Agile brings. Speed, flexibility, teamwork and business value should always be front of mind and if it isn’t then challenge it!

I certainly have an appreciation for how lucky we have been with our Agile journey and although we had hiccups along the way, we also have had strong leadership support to use Agile and that’s why it has become our way of working.

My tip to those struggling with Agile is to keep fighting the good fight and remind those sceptics that success is all about business value.


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