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Energy Sappers Vs Energisers – Which one are you???

on May 31, 2010

Author: Fiona Mullen

I was inspired after reading “Liquid Thinking” written by Damian Hughes which talks about ways you can change your thinking so that you can reach your full potential.

From Lukasz Strachanowski (Flickr)

Damian notes that there are 2 types of folks – Energisers (Possibility Thinkers) and Energy Sappers (Probability Thinkers). These 2 groups have a very distinct approach to life which you need to understand so that you can manage your relationships with them effectively.

The Energisers have fire in their belly, full of spirit and life, stamina and strength; whereas the Energy Sappers drain every ounce of energy out of your body and can be quite exhaustive.

To really focus on channelling your energy and achieving your goals you need to understand the comments and clues of both groups. So let’s start with the energy sappers (get the negative folk over with early). They will have statements around:

“ We have done this before” or the classic “Yes but …”

On the other hand, when you pitch an idea to an Energiser , before you have even finished your sentence they have jumped in boots and all with “That sounds good” and in their mind they are already planning how to deliver the idea as it has spurred them on.

I choose to surround myself with Energisers both personally and professionally as I find that when I am with these folk my cup overflows with energy. They have heaps of ideas and passion and this spurs me on to think about new things and keep focussing on the end goal which is making a difference… So which one are you???

Can you see the possibilities or do you think an idea is probably going to fail?


4 responses to “Energy Sappers Vs Energisers – Which one are you???

  1. Ryan McKergow says:

    I have been reading Liquid Leadership too and would recommend it as well!

    I read this chapter this morning on the bus and it really put some perspective into my life. It highlighted that where I thought I was a Energiser, which I still believe I am, there is much room for improvement – particually with perspectives (not seeing the whole picture or pigeon-holing).

    I also find that I mix myself with Energisers and Energy Sappers. The Energy Sappers give me challenges/obstables to overcome! Although I do agree with you that Energisers really give you the energy to keep going and achieve your goals.

  2. Fiona Mullen says:

    Understand where you are coming from Ryan! Now that you are aware of this it will enable you to ensure you have enough Energisers around you.

  3. Andy Marks says:

    Hey There Fi,

    If I could use you as a proxy for not reading the book, I must say that I find the term “Energy Sapper” (presumably deliberately?) emotive and disparaging. Is this separation the key thesis in the book, or is there more to it than that?


  4. Fiona Mullen says:

    Hi Andy, There is definitely more to the book but is vital to appreciate that there are energy sappers out there and they do have an impact on us. . Read the book it is great! Cheers Fi

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