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It's our Birthday. Agile Academy turns 1!

on March 23, 2010

Author: Susan Akers

Twelve months has just flown by since the external Agile Academy website was officially launched by Jeff Smith, Suncorp’s BT Group Executive last March with 30 IT executives attending the unveiling of the new website at a breakfast event in Sydney.

The year started off with a bang, with the Agile Academy winning the Award for Service Delivery and Training which recognised the excellence and innovation in the provision of ICT Services at the ACS ICT Awards. It was a fantastic testament to how unique our curriculum is in the Agile space. The fact that it is an integrated approach covering the entire solution development and management landscape rather than just piecemeal 1 or 2 courses and there is a distinct training path for novices to experts is a real world first and we are rightfully proud of it!

birthday_graphics_09 -flashyprofile

Over the past year, the Agile Academy has also further committed to providing open source material, knowledge sharing and capability development in the Agile space to the broader Australian ICT market as well with the release of a number of Agile Practice Help Sheets whitepapers, and recommended readings on-line. We have also invited potential clients to visit our leading Agile business and software development projects on-site so that they could get a feel for themselves about Agile in action. Our regular quarterly Meetups in Brisbane have also received a great response and we recently helped launch the local Sydney Chapter of the Agile Alliance.

In addition, we‘ve more than doubled our external course offerings in partnership with our founding training partner, Software Education. We knew also that our proactivity in offering innovative courses would also pay off. An example of this was at the inaugural Agile Australia Conference last year when over 50% of the comments and questions asked of our staff on the Exhibitor stand related to our new courses including – Agile for the Business and Agile for Legacy Applications to meet a need that just wasn’t being met. It was exciting to be able to see what a relief it was to these conference participants when they saw that they hadn’t been forgotten and an organisation like the Agile Academy had recognised that they too needed training in Agile!

The Agile Academy website continues to act as the main knowledge hub to share Agile knowledge to the wider community through free access to our course overviews, whitepapers, articles, news and events around our Agile learnings though we have also actively engaged in using a range of social media such as Twitter, LinkedIN and this blog in order to encourage people to share their insights and learnings about their experience with Agile.

There has been a major cultural shift within our company with the adoption and advocacy of Agile over the past 12 months and is now being led from the bottom, middle and the top. We have a lot of offer but we still know we have a lot to learn, so here is to our second year and we hope you’ll join our network and celebrate our growing achievements on our next birthday.


4 responses to “It's our Birthday. Agile Academy turns 1!

  1. Guy Cookson says:

    Congratulations guys. Great to see Agile being actively promoted as way to encourage positive and progressive software development.

  2. Agile Academy says:

    Hi Guy, thanks for the comment. We appreciate the support.

  3. PRA says:

    So where do you think the Agile Academy can go from here? Are you looking at offering any new courses?

  4. Hi PRA, thanks for asking. We are hoping to continue to grow our reputation as a knowledge hub of Agile expertise and are currently looking at releasing some more Agile Practice Help Sheets in the next couple of months to support the 12 help sheets we already released as open source.

    We are also tapping further into our network of experienced Agilists around the world and build on our strategic partnerships in order to have more quality blogs and discussion on the Tribe site.

    As part of our continuous improvement program we are currently embedding our recently expanded course curriculum of 12 external courses into the market and then based on our research and customer feedback, we will then look at designing and offering additional courses.

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