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Agile is not the Holy Grail!

on February 15, 2010

Author: Susan Davis

I recently attended an Agile training course – Taste of Agile (or as I call it Agile 101), which is an introductory course as the name implies, with the Agile Academy. The first thing that came out of someone’s mouth was “It won’t work in my company. We have special problems, special circumstances, special managers!” The main point of the session, and one that was continually repeated by the trainer, was that Agile is NOT in fact the panacea to everyone’s project or business problems. The trainer actually acknowledged that Agile is not right in all circumstances and sometimes it is just not right for a project, so don’t do it. Perhaps Waterfall is better in that particular instance. It was so nice to actually hear someone acknowledge that working Agile does not mean perfection which is what I think some people think.

Around this same time, I also read a fantastic blog titled It Won’t Work Here by the Agile Executive which gave me even more perspectives to consider. They offered 5 common arguments put forward by people for not going Agile. Forgive my paraphrasing, I just hope I get the basic meaning of them right. They are –

  • Uniqueness (of course the type of company where Agile works, is the only one of it’s kind in the world!);
  • the Secret sauce needed for Agile to be successful. (My company 1 ingredient short of KFC’s secret recipe so what’s the point?);
  • Cultural Change. (It wouild mean such a big change in our thinking and our people just aren’t up to it);
  • Affordability. (Agile costs and we can’t afford it); and finally,
  • Software is not core to us. (Why are you trying to push technology down our throats when we’re not technical!)

and the brilliant thing about the article is that it counters every one of these beliefs. I highly recommend that the non-Agile believers read it and you might be surprised by what it gets you considering.

Why can’t YOU be the Agile advocate at your workplace and use your passion to change? Any change, whether big or small, starts with 1 person asking Why Not?


3 responses to “Agile is not the Holy Grail!

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by theagiletribe: Our newest blog is up: Agile is not the Holy Grail! Feel free 2 comment + share your Agile experiences.

  2. Ashley says:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

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