The Agile Tribe

Is there a role for BAs on Agile projects?

on December 1, 2009

Author: Harshal Pol (

I think BAs have a major role in Agile projects. Because a BA’s role is more about objectives than requirements. Agile methodology is usually adopted when requirements are not clear or are changing frequently. However, in such cases the basic objectives and priorities are set in the beginning itself. This is where BAs play a critical role. They drive requirements for series of scrums based on these objectives and priorities.

Moreover when the team is busy concentrating on scrum level requirements, BAs help by having control over entire application and integrated functionality of the application(s). Though team/project leaders are there for this task, in practical scenarios, most of their concentration goes into meeting deadlines and completing requirements for the scrum which doesn’t allow them to look at the overall picture. And, also BAs can see this picture more easily then those people as they have better idea of what business demands as a function.


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