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Mental Note: Co-location implies dedicated resources

on November 13, 2009

Author: Andy Marks

For some people, co-location is a non-negotiable aspect for successful Agile teams. Yet sometimes barriers to having an entire team sit together come from somewhat unexpected quarters. For example:

I’m currently a tester working on three different projects. Each of the projects are on the same floor. There is a strong desire to co-locate teams to improve collaboration and communication.

But which project do I sit with:

  • The most important?
  • The one closest to delivery?
  • The most challenged?
  • The team I like working with the most?
  • The team with the least testing resource?
  • Do I time share – 33.3% time each day per project?

And the most important questions to answer: what is the root cause of the problems? The impracticalities of co-location? Or the problems with multi-tasking?


One response to “Mental Note: Co-location implies dedicated resources

  1. Michael Lobb says:

    It also makes it difficult to spend time on any non-project work. One of the issues of having a shared BAU/project team can mean a standard response to an incident can require a lot more explanation (“Why aren’t they working on my card” as an example). I think there is a need to set expectations up front with your customer when co-locating a team that has multiple responsibilities.

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