The Agile Tribe

Let's start at the beginning – Testing and Agile

on November 9, 2009

Author: Ben Arnott

Some random learnings from my experience of testing in an Agile environment –

  1. Quality is everyone’s responsibility
  2. Grey the lines of Developers and Testers
  3. Job titles don’t mean jack… it’s the role you play that counts
  5. Less focus on Defect detection rates and on quick to market software
  6. Advertise the “Sliders” and adhere to them
  7. Don’t be afraid to change the sliders, but make sure they are communicated
  8. Testers make great Interation Managers
  9. Automation isn’t a silver bullet, it is complimentary
  10. Tester and Tester pairing is great
  11. Tester and Developer pairing is great
  12. Tester and Subject Matter Expert (SME pairing) is great
  13. 80% of the Testing Effort is at the time of card elaboration
  14. Co-Locate wherever possible!
  15. If you are more than 10 metres away from a team member, you are NOT co-located
  16. It’s “Done” when it’s tested successfully
  17. Integrate Code Continuously and Continuously test integrated code.
  18. If Quality isn’t your number one slider… mitigate!
  19. If you smell a smell raise it
  20. If someone raises a smell, investigate
  21. Ask Why
  22. Ask Why again
  23. Communicate all changes with the entire project.

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