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Graduates provide a refreshing lens on life

on November 3, 2009

Author: Fiona Mullen

Where to get your boost from when your energy levels start flagging? All of us from time to time need to surround ourselves with people who give us energy and inspire us to keep fighting the good fight.

For me I get my energy from the graduates in our organisation. They are new to the corporate hamster wheel and are not constrained by corporate thinking. They are happy to ask the obvious questions no one else will ask due to fear of being ridiculed. They don’t see problems, they see opportunities to improve. They provide a refreshing lens on life with their energy being contagious.

Our grad community have recently kicked off Gragile which is a combination of Grads + Agile coming together. They were hungry to learn more about Agile and wanted to start a movement amongst the grads to accelerate their learnings and to provide a supportive environment for them to share experiences. Gradgile is giving this to them.

I always feel inspired after spending time with the grads at these sessions and I know they will help spread the Agile message both inside and outside the company.


3 responses to “Graduates provide a refreshing lens on life

  1. Linda Eng says:

    I think we are able to ask the ‘obvious’ questions because the whole safe-to-fail environment is greatly encouraged thoughtout the grad community. As grads, the stigma of being ‘completely new’ to industry encourages us to start off on a learning journey leading towards bringing in new ideas, rather than be seen as “you’re a grad, give us new & innovative ideas now”.

    It’s also refreshing to see the business side get into Agile- I recently got an email from the project owner of a project that I am working on, detailing how he introduced the project group to using story cards(from the experience that he has had from our project) and how well they are working for them. Very inspiring!

  2. Travers Hall says:

    I have to agree with Linda. It’s great to be able to ask the questions that people are afraid to ask because we are so new to professional environment. Not only are we able to view the answers from the perspective of a clean slate, but simply asking the question can spur others who have been with the organisation for longer to re-evaluate their assumptions and preconceived ideas.

    I should also mention that I find Gradgile to be a great experience, definitely one that has helped me to accelerate my learning as Fiona mentioned. It is great that we are able to set about getting Agile embedded at the ground level all across the organisation by providing the widely dispersed grad community with a common forum to share their experience from projects and teams across the group.

  3. Derisios says:

    The key to wisdom is knowing all the right questions.

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