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Agile Australia Conference – Unplugged

on October 23, 2009

Author: Byron Costas

I attended the first Agile Australia Conference last week. It was brilliant.

It was certainly a great forum for seeing the successful transformation of Agile theory into Working Agile. This was demonstrated in John Sullivan’s (Sensis) presentation, ‘People driven Agile transformation’. We tend to focus on the process and miss the very real people aspect of Agile. He explained that the Agile transformation is more about cultural change, managing people and personalities than process.

Also Phil Abernathy’s session on ‘Agile Governance’ was extremely insightful. The session talked about the misconception that Agile is light–on in governance and structure. He explained how governance is present throughout the entire process. Also he gave great insight into workflow management. As a PMO, this can be applied not only in advising CoEs in project prioritisation, but it tackling our team’s day-to-day tasks.

‘Build me the money, honey’ session by Julian Boot and Marina Chiovetti was awesome. Their customer-focused value matrix example with the I-Phone has given our team a new approach to designing reports. We are now more conscious of the effort expensed on particular product features, namely less effort on basic features and more focus on the exceptional features/value add. This was a great takeaway.

My only real criticism would be the availability of the session slides. It would have been great to have the material available to you during the conference. Apart from that, the conference was well organised.

Overall, besides taking some great working Agile examples and principles away, it was the opportunity to be surrounded by fellow professionals who are also inspired by Agile. I certainly came back from Sydney transformed. Looking forward to the next instalment.


3 responses to “Agile Australia Conference – Unplugged

  1. The slides weren’t available during the conference and that is certainly something we will consider next time Byron. The slides from all of the Agile Australia 2009 presenters are now available at and videos of some of the speakers can be found at Enjoy.

  2. Mark Bucknall says:

    After attending Agile09 with Byron, from the very first panel discussion the importance of people was continued on by the majority of speakers over the next two days. There was a lot of emphasis on needing the right people for the team to be successful, John Sullivan suggested the “Right People” are people who want to question what they are doing, and continually think about how they can do it better.

    Jean Takaba also raised an important point for an organisation’s success on the Agile journey and this was it’s how quickly you learn that is the key process in Agile development, the velocity of your learning determines your success.

    The entire conference was a great learning experience, and is a must attend for anyone who is just starting out on the Agile journey or for others who are looking for ways to continually improve their Agile practice.

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