The Agile Tribe

Apologies to the Scrum folks …

on September 23, 2009

Author: Andy Marks

I had the pleasure recently of spending some time with Martin Fowler talking about Agile Adoption. One of the topics we covered was the importance of experienced people to a successful adoption and how time is a necessary but not sufficient prerequisite to gain this experience. We used Malcolm Gladwell’s thesis in Outliers to provide some extra support to a notion I think we all fundamentally believe in.

Part of this topic included a lighthearted snipe at the CSM certification from the Scrum Alliance and how ridiculous it is to assume any competence in Scrum after only two days of training, let alone having the audacity to apply the term “Master”. Thankfully the audience in all these sessions saw the tongue-in-cheek nature of these comments and we managed to draw a number of chuckles each time.

However, because I see no correlation between being CSM0-certified and having any level of competence in applying Scrum…

  • This does not imply that all CSMs are complete nuff nuffs. “No correlation” means that you cannot make any statement about one given the other. I’m sure lots of gun Scrum people are CSMs, but it’s got nothing to do with the CSM training in isolation.
  • I hold nothing against Scrum itself. Applied appropriately and with the correct amount of technical rigour in the trenches, I think Scrum can be as useful to a project as any other form of Agile.

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